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Basic Science and Humanities

About Physics Department

The Physics Department has well qualified dedicated faculty member and supporting staff. The department has been maintaining excellent results both in theory and practical examinations from the beginning of the college. The faculty members play the multifaced role of a teacher and mentor. A very good teacher-student interaction has resulted in good academic performance of the students.

Mrs. Divya A.C

Assistant Professot & Head Department of Physics

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HOD (Physics)

About Chemistry Department

The Department of Chemistry with all its amenities and good infrastructures caters to the basic foundation course of B.E students. The department of chemistry exists from the day of the inception of the college in 2011. The chemistry department pledges itself in the broadest and most liberal manner to encourage the advancement of all branches of engineering through its practically skilled education and service missions.

Professor & Head

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About Mathematics Department

The Department of Mathematics was started during the year 2011 and provides the mathematical foundation required to analyse all engineering and applied Science courses. Apart from this, it also provides the mathematical methods to formulate, analysis and to solve the problems of engineering and management through the higher level elective courses.

Ms. ShashiRekha Y. N

Assistant Professot & Head Department of Mathematics

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Teaching Staff

Sl. Name Designation Department Qualification
1. Prof.Divya A C Asst. Professor Physics M.Sc.
2. Dr.Rajesha Professor and Head Chemistry M.Sc,Ph.D
3. Prof.Shashirekha Y N Asst. Professor & Head Mathematics M.Sc.
4. Prof.Navyashree C J Asst. Professor Chemistry M.Sc
5. Prof.Sindhu M Associate Professor Chemistry M.Sc
6. Dr.Ravi H R Associate Professor Chemistry M.S.c
7. Prof.Parinitha Asst. Professor Physics M.Sc.,Ph.D.
8. Prof.Ramya D. R. Asst.Professor Mathematics M.Sc,B.Ed.
9. Prof.Krishna C R Asst.Professor Mathematics M.Sc.
10. Prof.Ranjitha H Asst.Professor Mathematics M.Sc.
11. Prof.Deeba Kauser Lecturer Political Science M.A.
12. Prof.Saritha D N Lecturer Kannada M.A.
13. Prof.Shruthi C S Lecturer English M.A.