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GMIT| Electronics and Communication Engineering






About Electronics and Communication Department

The electronics and communication engineering department was established in the year 2011 with an intake 60 and later added post graduate program with specialization in Digital Electronics Communication System. The department as acquired expertise in the area of VLSI design, signal processing, wireless communication and networks, antenna and RF system design ,image, testing and verification of VLSI design, digital communication and networking,. BE in electronics and communication engineering is designed to produce efficient and necessary in mobile and wireless networks, medical imaging, satellite imaging, weather forecasting systems and engineering system design applications. Set of art laboratories have been setup in department for both undergraduate and post graduate program and a well equipped with computational facilities and resources both in terms of hard ware and software. Department has well qualified & experienced teaching faculties and technical staffs with state of art laboratories to offer good practical training as per the academic requirements of VTU. This course aims to prepare students for developing there carriers in the field of Electronics and communication engineering.


To become a center of excellence in developing ethically valued globally skilled Electronics and Communication technologists through quality contemporary education and research to improve the society.


  1. To provide high quality technical pedagogy in electronics and communication engineering through state of art infrastructure and competent faculty.
  2. To develop technical and ethically committed human resource with imbibed social and environmental responsibility.
  3. To provide conducive environment for research, innovative and entrepreneurial teaching-learning.


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Professor & Head, ECE.

  • Apply novel techniques to identify the problems and formulate the solutions related to electronics and commination engineering.
  • Apply appropriate hardware and software tools to design, implement, analyze electronics and communication systems for given specifications
  • Inculcates ethical, legal and others human values in any electronics and communication engineering professional and entrepreneurial scenarios considering societal and environmental concern.
  • Inculcates continuous learning and self-improvement, integrity and leaderships skills to be successful professional or sole-pioneer around the globe.
  • To be a successful in any profession, entrepreneur or research scholar related to electronics and communication engineering around the global retaining the national and human values
  • To be able to simplify the complexity and solve the problems by adapting to recent technological and multi-disciplinary trends to meet the social and environmental needs
  • To exhibit technical, ethical, service -oriented and legal proficiency in any profession as a team member, team leader or sole-pioneer related to electronics and communication engineering
  • To design and develop innovative product suitable for the smarter world and global welfare.
  • To take up sponsored projects.
  • To develop entrepreneurs
  • To develop product-based projects.
  • To promote students and faculty to have IPRs.
  • To develop and indigenous ERP
  • To maintain the admission and placements numbers
  • To promote students/faculty to secure online courses
  • To enhance the quantity and quality of the journals.
  • To promote Research activities.
  • To Introduce add-on courses