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GMIT| Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineering






About Electronics and Communication Department

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning course is approved by AICTE-VTU from the academic year 2022-2023. We are starting our exciting journey in the year of 2022, with a sanctioned student strength of 60. The primary focus of the course is to impart technical knowledge how to students, promote their problem-solving skills and innovation of new technologies introducing new developments. It is heartening to find that our students look forward to contributing to solving the technological challenges of society with active participation, perseverance, and hard work. Skill & knowledge relevant to real-world problems is inseminated to produce dynamic, socially conscious, and sensitive human beings. The students shall explore the practical knowledge for developing AI apps and platforms. Proficiency in mathematics will thrive, as this degree requires strong problem-solving and analytical skills. They shall be able to acquire the ability to design intelligent solutions for various business problems in a variety of domains and business applications. The students shall be exploring fields such as Soft Computing, Artificial Neural Networks, Digital Image Processing, Natural Language Processing, Robotics, Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Social Networks, Reasoning and Problem-Solving. The key objective is to identify logic and reasoning methods from a computational perspective, learn about agent, search, probabilistic models, perception and cognition, and machine learning.


The Vision of the department is to produce competent graduates suitable for industries and organizations at global level including research and development with Social responsibility.


  1. To impart knowledge in cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technologies in par with industrial standards.
  2. To develop state of the art academic and infrastructural facilities with modern equipment and other learning resources to produce self-sustainable professionals.
  3. To equip students with interdisciplinary skill sets to be able to build intelligent systems which in turn provides dynamic and promising careers in the global marketplace.


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Assistant Professor & Head, CSE.

  • Ability to design, develop, implement computer programs and use knowledge in various domains to identify research gaps and hence to provide solution to new ideas and innovations
  • Work with and communicate effectively with professionals in various fields and pursue lifelong professional development in computing
  • To acquire a strong background in basic science and mathematics and ability to use these tools in computer science and engineering.
  • To develop the ability to demonstrate technical competence in the field of computer science field and develop solutions to problems in various area.
  • To organize programs like state, national level conference, seminars, workshops and talks for faculties and students.
  • To build incubation center for real time development of projects on trending technologies.
  • To arrange more industrial visits especially to computer firms.
  • To promote students and faculty to have IPRs
  • To avail placement services to students.
  • To develop firm ground in computer technological skills.
  • Department provides high quality professional training with an emphasis on basic principles of computer science and engineering.
  • Department prepare the students for a globalized technological society and orient them towards serving the society.
  • Department empowers the students with the required skills to solve the complex technological problem of modern society and also provide them with a framework for promoting coloration and multidisciplinary activities.
  • Department provides moral and ethical values and interpersonal skills to the students.